URUGUAY is located in Eastern South America, between Brazil and Argentina, 30ยบ South of the Equator, with a coastline spreading along the River Plate and the Atlantic Ocean.

This geographic location provides warm weather without extreme variations which allow to carry out outdoor activities throughout the year.

Cattle was introduced by the Spanish colonists and sheep was later introduced in the 19th Century, which started cattle and sheep production and -enhanced by the favorable natural conditions- has made Uruguay a major cattle-raising country.

Having so much pasture and grazing areas, alongside fresh air and water, animals have a natural life that translates in the quality of the meet.


The country's extensive grassland and plentiful uncontaminated water resources ensure the production of leaner, more tender, prime meat widely received abroad. Furthermore, this product comes from a professional meat industry with over 100 years of experience.

In the last few years lamb meat has entered the toughest international markets with the highest quality standards, just like beef meat has done for a long time.